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Ghetto Fighters' House Newsletter No. 5 November 2013


Ophir Pines-Paz:  Chairman of the Board

The Ghetto Fighters’ House, which has recently undergone significant changes, is constantly renewing itself while continuing to recount the story of this generation to a broad audience through new and renewed exhibitions, seminars and a wide range of educational activities throughout the year.


Dr. Anat Livne:  General Director

The holidays are behind us and we have returned to our daily tasks and embarked on a new year. We all hope that it will herald a turning point, when our hard work, efficiency, and recruitment of new friends and donors will bear fruit.


18 Years:  Raya Kalisman Reflects on Her Work as Director of The Center for Humanistic Center  

Eighteen years have flown by since I came to the Ghetto Fighters’ House with the idea of establishing a “Center for Humanistic Education.” The idea had sprouted in my head during a sabbatical year when I worked as a volunteer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. in its second year, 1993-1994. Until today, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum considers the Center for Humanistic Education as a collaborative organization.

Partnership2Ghether:  Consortium Delegation at GFH 

The Ghetto Fighters’ House continues to engage in the Jewish Federation’s of American Partnership2Gether programming with the Western Galilee. Visitors from Indianapolis, Austin, Omaha, Des Moines, Dayton and other consortium communities have participated in tours, educational seminars and workshops since last spring. A much anticipated group of nearly 100 visitors came through the doors on Monday, September 23.



Ballet Austin Experiences Yad Layeled

During the intermediate days of Succot, 32 dancers from Ballet Austin (Texas) visited Yad LaYeled as part of the first tour in Israel of “Light: The Holocaust and Humanity Project.” Their visit to the museum, following the premiere of “Light,” added a new dimension to their emotional tour.


Festival Acco
GFH Participates in the Seminar:
Theatre and the Holocaust

This year the annual symposium in memory of Dr. Shosh Avigail seminar, at the Acco Festival of Alternative Theatre dealt with the connection between theatre and the Holocaust.


The Israel Friends of the GFH: 
Journey to Poland 2013

In August 2013, a delegation of Israeli Friends of GFH left for a trip to Poland, perpetuating a longstanding tradition, and commemorating, this year, the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.


GFH and the University of Haifa Joint Project:
MA Holocaust Studies

Haifa University, the Ghetto Fighters’ House and Yad Vashem have joined together to open a Jewish studies track that offers an MA in Holocaust studies. This is the only program in Israel which enables students to specialize in the Holocaust period and its aftermath and qualify for an MA in this subject.


Hora Towards Life and Freedom:
In Recognition of the Sobibor Uprising 

On October 14th, the Ghetto Fighters' House, along with Amigour, hosted an even to mark the 70th anniversary of the Sobibor uprising and to honor Alexander Pechersky, the leader of the uprising. Present at the event were Minister of Absorption and Immigration, MK Sofa Landver, Natalia Ladichenko, Pechersky's granddaughter, Arie Abir, Chairman of the Amigor Board, Yuval Frankel, CEO of Amigour, and representatives of the Russian, Polish and Ukrainian and Dutch embassies, as well as the Jewish Russian Congress.

 Intertwined Roots:
Annual Conference in Honor of Survivors

Every year at the GFH, a conference is held in appreciation of the work of these esteemed volunteers. Since the establishment of the Study Center in memory of Tzivia (Lubetkin) and Yitzhak Zuckerman, we have maintained a close and warm contact with witnesses who come to volunteer out of a sense of mission and tell their stories to groups of teenagers, students, educators, members of the military.


Continuing to Follow the Path:
New Exhibition at Yad Layeled

The exhibition “Following the path of a picture” has recently closed and is being replaced by the new exhibition “Here My childhood Began…” The new exhibition completes the collective biography of children who experienced the Holocaust. It deals with their fate at the end of the war and in the years that followed. The official opening will be on November 15th, at the annunal Israel Friends of GFH event


The Education Department

In July and September the Center devoted itself to working with student delegations preparing for their journey to Poland. Students who participate in the March of the Living program to Poland are required by the Ministry of Education to undergo 40 hours of preparation for their trip. Many groups choose to spend a considerable part of this preparation in a two day seminar at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum.

The Archives Department

This past summer, the Ghetto Fighters’ House inaugurated a research room in the memory of the Mlawa (Poland) community. The renovation of the room and purchase of equipment was made possible through the support of the Claims Conference.



We recently said goodbye to four cherished volunteers: Sylvain Levy, Max Rigaud, Shai Saban and Neri Ravi. The work of the museum archives cannot be carried out satisfactorily without the generous help of volunteers who devote their time and skills and contribute in different ways to its successful operation. Some fifty people volunteer in the archives, the large majority of whom work from home, while others come once a week. Translation from foreign languages, typing, and photocopying are some of the many tasks undertaken by our volunteers.


In Memoriam 

William Ungar, longtime friend of the Ghetto Fighters' House, passed on September 19, 2013. A Holocaust survivor, Ungar was a founder of Yad LaYeled Children's Memorial Museum and the Ungar School of Holocaust Studies, both located at the Ghetto Fighters' House.


The Ghetto Fighters' House mourns the passing of Yehuda Shavit, head of the Mateh Asher Regional Council, member of the GFH Board and long-time friend of the museum.


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