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"My Home There" – Artworks from the Ghetto Fighters' House Collection

The Ghetto Fighters' House Art Collection holds thousands of unique drawings, oil paintings and sculptures. "My Home There", which deals with the concepts of home and family, exhibits artworks from before, during and after the Holocaust.

New exhibition: "Here Began My Childhood "

The Yad Layeled Museum at the Ghetto Fighters’ House is dedicated to the fate of Jewish children during World War II. The new exhibition in the temporary exhibition space complements the collective biographies and recounts what happened to child survivors at the end of the war and in its aftermath.

Main Exhibit: The Jewish Child During The Holocaust

The exhibit is based on actual stories taken from diaries and testimonies. The stories are heard at audio listening stations along the route of the exhibit. Narrated in children’s voices, these tell in the first person the life story of boys and girls who lived at that time. Other stations display audiovisual presentations of the personal testimonies of adult survivors who were children at the time of the Holocaust.

Stained Glass Exhibit

This exhibition is housed in the Memorial Hall that serves as an introduction and entrance to the main exhibit: “The Jewish Child During the Holocaust.” The domed hall features 17 stained glass windows whose designs are based on the drawings of children in the Theresienstadt (Terezin) ghetto.

“Janusz Korczak of the Children”

“I’m lying in bed, unable to sleep
and thinking that had I known then,
I would never have wanted to grow up.
It’s a hundred times better to be a child.”

Notes of Life

The exhibit tells the story of four youngsters and one father, who were wonderful musicians and for whom the sound of the strings was a source of physical and spiritual existence at times of crisis and destruction.

Paul Kor

A new exhibition of Paul Kor's works is now on display at the Yad Layeled Children's Museum at the Ghetto Fighters' House in commemoration of the 10th anniversart of his death. Paul Kor, a writer, artist and Holocaust survivor, wrote and illustrated over 20 books, including Silverray: The Little Fish and The Magic Garden.