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Moving performance of “In the Pit” is viewed by hundreds

During the Intermediate Days of Sukkot, “The Pit”, a production of the Ghetto Fighters’ House, was performed as part of the Israeli Fringe Theatre Festival in Akko for hundreds of moved viewers.

Premiere of “Aunt Lily’s Doll”

Yad LaYeled is staging a revival of “Aunt Lily’s Doll”, written 17 years ago by Shlomit Dagan-Deri based on a story by Irina Liebmann. The new production was revised and re-staged by actress Michal Dadonn. The play focuses on a doll, which allows for a connection between Ronnie, a girl representing the third generation, and Lily, a Holocaust survivor. The doll also fills an empty space in Lily’s heart.

Six Graders From Kiryat Motzkin Visit "Yad Layeled"

Six graders from Kiryat Motzkin once again are visiting Yad Layeled thanks to the initiative of Esti Ben Ephraim, director of the culture enrichment programming in Kiryat Motzkin. This year Ben Ephraim and her staff chose a special program for the young students that deals with the life and work of the late Paul Kor, Holocaust survivor and artist.

Yad LaYeled Remembers Family Members

A multi generation experience at Yad LaYeled: Commemorating family members that perished during the Holocaust

New exhibition: Paul Kor

A new exhibition of Paul Kor's works is now on display at the Yad Layeled Children's Museum at the Ghetto Fighters' House in commemoration of the 10th anniversart of his death. Paul Kor, a writer, artist and Holocaust survivor, wrote and illustrated over 20 books, including Silverray: The Little Fish and The Magic Garden.

New exhibit in Yad LaYeled: Notes of Life

For many generations the violin was a prominent instrument in Jewish life. The sounds of the violin could be heard in Jewish communities in the Diaspora on holidays and at celebrations and during times of crisis and misery, arousing feelings of joy and sorrow, longing and hope.

The exhibit tells the story of five youngsters, who were wonderful musicians and for whom the sound of the strings was a source of physical and spiritual existence at times of crisis and destruction.

Yad LaYeled launches the “Theatre in the Museum” program

The “Theatre in the Museum” program, which puts emphasis on the availability of the content and the themes of the museum to visitors through theatre, was recently launched at the Yad LaYeled museum. The program is geared for visitors from the upper elementary and middle school levels, as well as the general public, including soldiers, senior citizens, teachers and pre-service teachers.

Coming of Age website receives Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach

The Ghetto Fighters' House is proud to announce that the Coming of Age website has recently been awarded the Bronze MUSE Award for Education and Outreach. Coming of Age is a project of the Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust in New York in collaboration with Yad LaYeled — The Ghetto Fighters’ Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Museum.
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