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Conference: Holocaust and Democratic Values: Educational Challenges

The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum is proud to partner with the Association of Holocaust Organizations as we host a 2-day Conference at the Ghetto Fighters’ House on July 14 and 15, 2014. The title of this Conference is: Holocaust and Democratic Values: Educational Challenges (pdf program attached).

The goal of the seminar is to expand and deepen the discussion of Holocaust Education in relation to Education for Democratic values. We will address this issue through a variety of speakers but also by observing changes and developments within the Ghetto Fighters’ House, a museum created four generations ago.

Hotel and dormitory-style accommodations are available on the grounds of Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot – we encourage room-sharing at the hotel as there are limited single/double accommodations. (pdf of hotel info attached) The Ghetto Fighters’ House staff will arrange for bus travel to the Western Galilee on Sunday afternoon with enough registrations.

Looking forward to seeing you in July!!

This conference is sponsored in part by the
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance
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Registation Beit V'Kait  Registation Beit V'Kait
GFH AHO Conference Agenda 2014  GFH AHO Conference Agenda 2014
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