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Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

Resistance is…

To smuggle a loaf of bread - was to resist.
To teach in secret - was to resist.
To gather information and distribute an underground newsletter - was to resist.
To cry out warning and shatter illusions - was to resist.
To rescue a Torah scroll - was to resist.
To forge documents - was to resist.
To smuggle people across borders - was to resist.
To chronicle events and conceal the records - was to resist.
To extend a helping hand to those in need - was to resist.
To dare to speak out, at the risk of one's life  - was to resist. 
To stand empty-handed against the killers - was to resist. 
To reach the besieged, smuggling weapons and commands - was to resist.
To take up arms in streets, mountains and forests - was to resist.
To rebel in the death camps - was to resist.
To rise up in the ghettos, amid tumbling walls,
in the most desperate revolt humanity has ever known ...

Haim Guri and Monia Avrahami
Flames in the Ashes (original Hebrew: P'nei ha-Mered)

In the history of humanity, no other people has stood against such a powerful force bent on its annihilation, as had the Jewish People under the Nazi occupation. Even so, the Jews did not submit to their fate without a struggle.

This exhibition in the Ghetto Fighters’ House museum reveals the story of Jewish heroism and rebellion during the period of the Holocaust, in the context of the reality in which they arose; the unceasing attempts to preserve human dignity and carry out armed resistance, which was the pinnacle of the Jewish struggle.

The concept of resistance is a complex one, given to different interpretations and assessments. To discuss the question of resistance is to embark on a path that leads us to challenge our view of the Jewish People’s past, and its future.

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