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Nazi Germany Oppresses Countries and Nations

This exhibition presents the broad historical context in telling the story of the rise and establishment of the Nazi regime in Germany, and the process by which Germany extended its control over Europe prior to and during the Second World War.

Progressing along the exhibit’s linear course, the visitor encounters a sequence of turns and junctures along the way. These impart a sense that the upcoming events are obscured, and only to be revealed at the next turning point. The story told here is a prologue and setting for the story of the extermination of the Jewish People.


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Jewish Warsaw – A Story of the Human Spirit
The "Yizkor" Hall
Home of Testimony
Concentration and Extermination Camps
Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust
The Warsaw Ghetto Fights Back
Ghettos and Deportations
The Jews of Holland During the Holocaust
The Righteous Among the Nations
The Glass Booth: Adolf Eichmann Faces His Accusers