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"My Home There" – Artworks from the Ghetto Fighters' House Collection

The Ghetto Fighters' House Art Collection holds thousands of unique drawings, oil paintings and sculptures. "My Home There", which deals with the concepts of home and family, exhibits artworks from before, during and after the Holocaust.

New Performance of Jewish Lullabies in Yad LaYeled

The Yad LaYeled museum is launching a new performance titled "Come Mother – Lullabies for Bedtime", a musical journey following the evolution of Jewish lullabies from the Diaspora to Israel.

A Butterfly's Confession

The Yad LaYeled team has produced a video and dance performance based on Janusz Korczak's coming of age diary, "A Butterfly's Confession". Korczak was a doctor, an educator and an author. He put his three skill sets to use to create a new literary genre that he called "fiction research" – a combination of scientific writing and literature.

Paul Kor

A new exhibition of Paul Kor's works is now on display at the Yad Layeled Children's Museum at the Ghetto Fighters' House in commemoration of the 10th anniversart of his death. Paul Kor, a writer, artist and Holocaust survivor, wrote and illustrated over 20 books, including Silverray: The Little Fish and The Magic Garden.

"A Hundred Times Better to be a Child"

Yad Layeled at the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum introduces a new play: "A Hundred Times Better to be a Child". The play tells the story of Janusz Korczak through the eyes of two characters: a child from Korczak's orphanage and Stefa Wilczyńska, an educator who was Korczak's counterpart in running the orphanage and in implementing educational responsibilities.