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The Ghetto Fighters' House mourns the passing of Simon Veil

Simone Veil, a Jewish-French politician and lawyer, died on July 3. She served as a minister in several French governments and as the President of the European Parliament.

Veil was a Holocaust survivor. During her internment in Auschwitz, she met Naomi Rosenstrauch (Judkowski), a future member of Kibbutz Lohamei HaGhetaot.

Judkowski discussed her acquaintance with Veil in an interview with Zvika Dror:
"One of the acquaintances I had in Auschwitz was a Dutch-Jewish engineer; we spoke in French. He told me that while he was working outside he met a French-Jewish girl, almost a child. We should help her. I looked for her and found her. She was with a sister or another relative. I offered her soup and bread and most importantly: I fixed her a job in what was considered a good place, "Canada" it was called, where the clothes of deceased inmates were sorted. It was Simone Veil, the famous French Jewess. She still remembers the treatment and the help I gave her."

Naomi and Simon remained good friends after the war.

Simon was a friend of the Ghetto Fighters' House, and helped in the establishment of the Yad LaYeled wing in 1995.  In 2002 she lit a torch in the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day in 2002.

The Ghetto Fighters' House mourns her passing.

Simone Veil, Maxi Librati, and Robert Parienti.
Also in the photo: Michal Gans (second from the left) and Yoel Benarrous (on the left) of the GFH French Desk.
Photographed in 2000.



Naomi Judkowski, member of Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetaot, hosting Simone Veil and Rachel Limon in her home
Judkowski (on the right) and Veil (center) were interned together in the Auschwitz camp. Judkowski extended her protection to the younger Veil, helping her survive.



Simone Veil during the torch lighting ceremony at the annual Holocaust Remembrance Day assembly, 2002.

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