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From the diary of Rachel van der Hoeden

Tuesday afternoon, June 6, 1944

"The nurse [a professional nurse who came to treat the sick brother in the farmhouse] came and said the invasion had begun! But she is quick to fall for stories, so we don't believe it yet. I certainly don't! but a short while ago two men came and they both said the invasion really did begin?!?! I still find it hard to believe, I don't want to be disappointed. just to think what it means[…] it will definitely not take an entire year until the end! This still doesn't mean we will all get through this, and still be alive at the end. But if we do, what fun it will be! How poor are the people who must pay with their lives or become miserable now. But there will be no end to this terrible time unless we get through this. So if there's no choice, let's speed things up and get it over with! Whatever happens – happens".

In the picture: Dirkiie Roelofsen and her granddaughter Charlotte Klein looking at the diary kept by Rachel van der Hoeden. Dirkiie's parents, Aart and Wilhelmina Roelofsen, both members of the Dutch resistance in Lunteren, the Netherlands, sheltered the van der Hoeden family members in different times and were recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.
The granddaughter, a history student at the University of Amsterdam, is currently writing a paper on this rescue story.

The diary was donated by Rachel Melzer.

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