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Terms of Use of the GFH Online Archives

Welcome to the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum Online Archives. Use of the website indicates your agreement to act in accordance with the following terms of use, literally and fully. We ask that you read the terms of use carefully.

1.    General

1.1    The following terms of use are applicable for use of the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum online archives http://infocenters.co.il/gfh/ (hereinafter. “the Website”). For the avoidance of doubt, the term "the Website" refers to all parts of the website and its content of any type, including all the information, sources, and content found on the Website.

1.2    The Website is operated by the Itzhak Katzenelson Ghetto Fighters' House Archives, which is managed by the Ghetto Fighters' House - Itzhak Katzenelson Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Heritage Foundation, registered foundation no. 58-004-613-4 (hereinafter, "the Museum").

1.3    The terms "information" and "contents" or "sources" in the following terms of use include any kind of information, including verbal, visual, audio, audio-visual or any combination thereof, including printouts, electronic books, journals, electronic newspapers, manuscripts, collections, scanned documents, pictures, photographs, illustrations, animations, diagrams, images, video clips, presentations, audio files, as well as any object, software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database, interface and any mark, sign, symbol and icon.

1.4    The term "user" refers to to any surfer, viewer or user of the Website or information located on it and/or recipient of information and/or a service provided on the website directly or indirectly.

1.5    The terms of use apply to use of the Website and its contents through any computer or other communications device (such as a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, etc.). Additionally, the terms of use also apply to use of the Website whether through the Internet or any other network or means of communication.

1.6    The terms of use of the Website are worded in the masculine solely for the sake of convenience and relate to both men and women alike.

2.    Website contents and the information presented therein

2.1    The entire Website, including all the information appearing therein and the underlying software, are offered for use as is.

2.2    The user is aware and agrees that access to parts of the Website may be subject to and/or affected by installation of hardware and software components on the user's computer, including specific browsers and add-ons to those browsers. The user is responsible to check and install any software component required to use the Website at the user's expense and responsibility. The Museum is not responsible for these software components or any fault therein or for any error or non-compatibility in displaying the contents arising from the software components or their installation or non-installation. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, access to the Website and its contents may change in accordance with the properties and definitions of the hardware, operating system and software on the user's computer. The Museum does not guarantee that the contents will be displayed fully and/or identically and/or properly on different computers.

2.3    Transmission of information on the Website does not form any legal relationship between the user and the Museum, apart from the legal liability of the user as set out in these terms of use.

2.4    The Museum is entitled at any time to introduce changes to the Website, remove any source or contents uploaded on the Website or add contents to the Website, from time to time, by updating the Website and to discontinue and commence operation of the Website at any time. The Museum is permitted to refuse to grant access to the Website or parts thereof to any user at its sole discretion without advance warning and the user will have no claim in this regard. The Museum does not undertake to preserve the information and contents on the Website and is entitled to delete them.

2.5    Links to other websites that are not operated by the Museum may appear on the Website (hereinafter, “Links”). These Links are presented solely for the user's convenience, and the Museum has no control over these websites and does not bear any responsibility for the contents appearing therein. Including the Links on the Website does not attest to any support or recommendation of the content displayed on these Websites or any other connection to these websites or their operators. The Museum does not guarantee the integrity of the Links or that these Links direct to the websites to which they assume to link any electronic pointer. The Museum is entitled at its sole discretion to remove any Link from the Website and/or add other Links.

2.6    The Museum is entitled to limit access to the Website or parts thereof for different types of users and/or some of them and/or to make user access to the Website conditional upon confirming their agreement to certain special terms.

3.    Copyrights

3.1    The entire Website and the information presented therein include contents which are the exclusive property of the Museum and/or third parties that have permitted the Museum to make use thereof and are protected by the laws of the State of Israel, international treaties and the laws of foreign countries. Use of these contents is subject to protection under the aforesaid laws and binds the user to honor the copyrights.

3.2    The user must behave in accordance with the aforesaid laws and treaties and is forbidden to make any commercial use, advertisement, distribution, copy, duplication, derived works, processing or transfer, sale or lease of any contents or information on the Website without the Museum's prior written consent. The user is also forbidden from making use of names and trademarks displayed on the Website without the Museum's prior written consent. Such agreement shall be provided by the Museum after examining every application on its own merits and at the sole discretion of the Museum, which may make its consent conditional to various terms and also demand user fees at its discretion.

3.3    Access to contents uploaded to the Website and use thereof is permitted for private use only, for research or study purposes, media reporting, citation, provision, stipend, research and examination by an education institution (hereinafter, “Permitted Use”). Permitted Use of the Website contents without obtaining prior written confirmation of the Museum will be made subject to preserving the rights of the Museum and/or third parties and subject to the following terms:

3.3.1    The use is for personal or educational purposes;

3.3.2    The user shall note the name of the author and the source of the contents used and any other information concerning the copyrights of the contents and the Museum Website;

3.3.3    The user shall not make any change or adjustment to the contents used without obtaining written confirmation from the content copyright owners.

3.3.4    No work should be mutilated distorted or any other modification made thereto and no harmful act shall be performed with respect to that work, if any of these harm the respect and reputation of its creator. In this matter, any use of work to deny the Holocaust or promote anti-Semitic or racist messages is considered harmful use which distorts the work and harms the reputation of the creator.

3.4    A user wishing to download or print contents from the Website shall make Permitted Use thereof and shall refrain from violating the rights of the Museum and/or third parties.

3.5    It is forbidden to download entire sources and/or sources in commercial quantities and systematically (including use through advanced technology).

4.    User liabilities

4.1    The user shall refrain from carrying out actions on the Website in a manner incompatible with the law and/or provisions of these terms of use, including any commercial use of information and contents contained on the Website or any part thereof and/or any change or deletion of information or contents or actions which may limit or prevent others from using the Website.

4.2    The user shall refrain from performing any actions which constitute forgery, impersonation, deception or fraud.

4.3    The user shall refrain from using information on the Website for activity which promotes and/or encourages anti-Semitic and/or Holocaust denial messages.

4.4    The user will indemnify and compensate the Museum for any direct or indirect damage and/or any expense incurred by the Museum with respect to a claim and/or demand arising from the user's use of the Website, including any action which opposes these terms of use or the provisions of the law.

4.5    Without derogating from any other rights of the Museum, the user agrees that if the Museum believes there is concern that the user's use is not in accordance with the provisions of the terms of use and/or the law, the Museum will be entitled to take any action, as it sees fit, to protect its property and/or that of third parties and/or its rights and/or the rights of third parties and, inter alia, to prevent the user from accessing the Website and document and/or track the user's use of the Website. It is clarified that the Museum may transfer information concerning the identity of the user and the actions performed on the Website to third parties if they were harmed by the user's actions.

5.    Limit of liability

5.1    The Website is used at the sole responsibility of the user.

5.2    The Museum and/or third parties are in no manner liable for use of information, including the accuracy, reliability, availability, measure of compatibility and quality of the information located on the Website, and bear no liability or obligation for any distortion, error or omission of the contents uploaded to the Website.

5.3    The Museum shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental harm due to access to the Website and use thereof or due to any prevention of use of the Website, whether by contractual cause or cause of harm. The Museum is not liable for any damage, including due to a computer virus, hostile software known as a Trojan horse, worms, vandals, malicious applications, spyware or various kinds of software applications for the user's computer equipment or any other property, incurred due to surfing or using the Website, including downloading information therefrom.

6.    Miscellaneous provisions

6.1    The Museum is entitled to assign its rights and liabilities under these terms of use or any part thereof.

6.2    The Museum reserves the right to introduce changes to these terms of use at any time at its discretion without any prior warning, and any such change shall enter into force immediately upon publication on the Website, as part of the terms of use. The user is responsible to check the terms of use from time to time for any updates.

6.3    If it is determined that should any of the terms of use be ruled invalid or unenforceable, the invalid or unenforceable terms will be considered to have been replaced by the valid enforceable terms whose contents match the significance and intention of the original terms more closely, while the other terms will remain in force.

6.4    Use of information which is not in accordance with these terms of use constitutes cause for prosecution and/or to take any legal action available to the Museum.

7.    All actions on the Website and everything associated and involved therein, including the terms of use, will be subject to Israeli law only and the exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute concerning the Website, use thereof and the terms of use will be granted to the competent courts in the Haifa and the North districts.

8.    Contact information

Any question or problem associated with the Website or terms of use thereof and any suggestion for improvement or recommendation may be referred to the "Contact us" feature.