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Warsaw exhibition
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Renaming the Education and Guide Center in Memory of Chavka Folman Raban

In the framework of our project to commemorate members of Kibbutz Lochamei HaGhetaot whose work in the museum was an essential part of their lives, the Education and Guide Center of the museum will be named after the late Chavka Folman Raban. Chavka’s commemoration emphasizes her educational outlook, founded on social activism, demanding of herself and others the struggle for a better world, activism dedicated to minimizing injustice.

The plaque recounts central milestones in Chavka’s life: her childhood in Warsaw, the war, in the Ghetto, her activity as an underground courier for the ZOB (Jewish Fighting Organization) and as a prisoner at Auschwitz. After the war, it describes her longing to come to Israel and the kibbutz, her marriage and raising a new family. The last section depicts her many years of educational work in the museum.

In the years before her death, it was Chavka who gave “the address of the Partisans” in the Ghetto Fighters' House Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day ceremonies. Her words were engraved deeply in the minds of instructors who knew her work. They will be a legacy for furture generations to carry on.


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