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Yad LaYeled – Facing the Future

Yad LaYeled in the Spirit of Korczak

When visiting “Yad LaYeled”, one will most certainly arrive at the hall dedicated to the life and actions of Janusz Korczak, which is located in the heart of the museum's core exhibition, "The Jewish Child in the Holocaust". 

To mark the 20th anniversary of Yad LaYeled, the decision was made to incorporate references to Janusz Korczak in the displays and the educational activities that accompany them:

• The name of the museum will be extended to “Yad LaYeled in the Spirit of Korczak”
• In the museum courtyard, educational booths will be built with visual designs based on the stories of Korczak and their messages.
• In the display area dedicated to Korczak, a presentation will be mounted covering his life, philosophy, and work.
• The educational staff will put together day study programs focusing on the key values of Janusz Korczak’s educational teachings: the rights of the child, dialogue, leadership, mutual responsibility
• “Yad LaYeled” will act to create a community of “educators and educated in the spirit of Korczak”
• “Yad LaYeled” will expand, together with Ms. Tova Ben-Ari, Chief Supervisor for Implementation of Students’ Rights, actions for children’s rights according to the educational philosophy of Janusz Korczak.
• Artistic creations depicting Janusz Korczak will be displayed as part of the museum exhibitions.

New Exhibitions

In the near future, the second floor of the museum will be dedicated to the subject “The Child and the Family”. According to research, children are drawn to colorful paintings dealing with subjects close to their own world. The exhibition will be based on items from the museum collection, primarily oil paintings. 

Developing and Expanding Connections with Schools

• In order to deepen and develop connections with schools, Yad LaYeled will open professional development programs adapted to the unique needs of different schools and take part in curriculum programs such as projects based on PBL (Problem-Based Learning). 
• Deepening the link with schools that highlight the culture and heritage of Israel (for example, TALI schools), and are engaged in studying the "Jewish Child in the Holocaust", children's rights and education in the spirit of Korczak.

Yad LaYeled – Using Advanced Technology

The exhibitions at Yad LaYeled have remained relevant over the past 20 years. Today more than ever, the displays and instillations are suited to how youth and adults are exposed to content and messages: a multi-sensory experience; broad visual imaging; and displays that engage the visitor's process of exploration. The visitor becomes an active participant and chooses how the exhibition develops, how to progress and how much time to spend at a specific display, constructing meaning that is relevant to his/her world.

The rapid development of technology has made it possible to add an extra dimension to the museum experience. Smart applications based on the Internet and augmented reality enable an expansion of educational opportunities and experiences. We hope in the near future visitors to Yad LaYeled will be able to learn the history of the Jewish child during the Holocaust and Janusz Korczak in advanced ways, sparking our young visitors' curiosity and challenging their understanding .


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