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"Remembering Together": An Alternative Holocaust Memorial Gathering

The presence of the Holocaust in Israel, both above and below the surface, gives rise to questions about transmitting Holocaust remembrance to future generations - questions concerning the responsibility to remember and how to remember.

On the eve of the Holocaust Remembrance Day, the Ghetto Fighters' House held an alternative gathering, "Remembering Together", based on the texts written at the Van Leer Institute under the leadership of Professor Michal Govrin. Over 60 participants from the Western Galilee region participated in this commemoration ceremony under the facilitation of Eliahu Shachaf from Kibbutz Kfar Maserik, Tami Hermesh from Kibbutz Cabri and Sippy Naveh from the Ghetto Fighters' House. Among the participants were members of the museum's international Friends Association from the USA, France, Canada, Austria and Britain. 

The program included a short ceremony, readings and group discussions dealing with questions of morality, authenticity and spirituality. 

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