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Yad LaYeled Remembers Family Members

Commemorating family members that perished during the Holocaust:  A multi generation experience at Yad LaYeled

Yad Layeled Children's Educational Museum at the Ghetto Fighters' House is also a memorial to the 1.5 million Jewish children that perished during the Holocaust.  The exhibitions are adapted to both young and adult visitors and present value oriented experiential learning.  The permanent exhibitions describe the world of Jewish children during the Holocaust an tell the story of the Polish-Jewish educator, Dr. Januscz Korczak.  The temporary exhibitions offer inquiry-based and creative research activities on child survivor testimonies.

Many Holocaust survivors live with the feeling that they have missed out on the opportunity to remember their loved ones that perished during the Holocaust.  Yad LaYeled at the Ghetto Fighters' House is committed to this Mitzvah of acknowledging those that perished and will help families that are interested in commemorating family members. 

We will help prepare the text that will be carved onto a glass plaque and prepare a ceremony for the revealing with family members and close friends. The text would include:

  • Name of those remembered, year of birth, year of death
  • Details fo the family and hometown
  • Name of place where the deceased perished and the circumstances of their death
  • Names of the commemorators and where they live today

The revealing includes a tour of the museum exhibitions.

For more information:

Michal Selek |  michals@gfh.org.il



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