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From the Desk of the General Director

Dear workers and associates,

A new year is about to begin, with hopes for renewals and good news.
This will be a prolific and transformative year for us at the museum:

The staff of Yad Layeled, led by Dr. Michal Sadan, is hard at work on a new exhibition, entitled "There Was My Home". This exhibition will focus on drawings from the museum's art collection that were made by Holocaust survivors and concern the subject of the home and the family. The archives' staff, headed by Anat Bratman-Elhalel and the operations department, assists in the creation of the new exhibition, which is due to open in one month.

A new permanent exhibition will open in about six months on the commemoration floor – the third floor of the building – in the space where the glass booth from the Eichmann trial stands. The exhibition, entitled "Facing the Glass Booth", will address the effect of the trial on the Israeli society and the reshaping of the civil identity of the "Sabra" generations that grew up in Israel. The curator is Evelin Akherman, with Prof. Hanna Yablonka as the scientific advisor. The exhibition is due to open in six months, ahead of the annual assembly, which will also be dedicated to this subject.

The "Youth Movements between the Wars" exhibition will reopen. In association with the HaNoar HaOved movement and the Kibbutz Movement, the exhibition will be renovated and displayed for the visiting audiences. Simultaneously, work on the new permanent exhibition on the historical floor continues rapidly. In the coming month, four of the old exhibitions will be dismantled and the renovation works will commence. The renovation is led by the "Nativ" company, headed by Yitzhak and Ehud Shilo of Kibbutz Lohamei Haghetoat, together with the architect and designer Ori Glazer. The research and curation work on the renewed exhibitions – "Warsaw before the Holocaust" and the "The Occupation of Warsaw and the Ghetto" - is also coming along, led by Tal Kobo. These exhibitions will open to the public in the summer of 2017.

A new temporary exhibition will also be arriving near the end of this year – a Dutch exhibition dedicated to the 18,000 Jewish children from the Netherlands who perished in the Holocaust.

We are expecting an exciting year at the museum and we hope to be up to the challenging task.
We also expect many cultural events and conferences, and new developments in the education and guiding departments.

I wish us all a safe and peaceful year, full of joy and satisfaction.

Yours, Anat
General Director of the Ghetto Fighters' House

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