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Ghetto Fighters' House Newsletter No. 6 January 2014

In Memoriam


Chavka Folman Raban –  the “human spirit” of Ghetto Fighters’ House

Chavka Folman Raban, who passed away on January 9th, was an exemplary figure who embodied, through her personality, the spirit of Ghetto Fighters’ House. At this moment of parting, as she is transformed into a symbol in our collective memory – it is important to remember who she was first and foremost – Chavka the human being.  Read more >> 

Events at the GFH in recognition of
The International Holocaust Remembrance Day


Westerbork Seranade
The Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum
will mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day
on Monday, January 27, 2014



This year the program will focus on Jews of Holland during the Shoah, addressing in particular the cultural and creativity of the Dutch Jews under the German occupation and in the Westerbork camp. 

Through the generous donations of the Maror Foundation and the Association of the Dutch Friends of  Ghetto Fighters’ House Israel, we will rededicate “The Jews of Holland during the Holocaust” exhibition and introduce exciting new installations within the exhibit. 

For more information >>


Premiere of Claude Lanzmann's movie: 
"The Last of the Unjust"
January 28th
at the Ghetto Fighters' House auditorium 

For more information and ticket order >>


New artifact donated to the GFH archives:
Parting Letter from Westerbork


On January 27, 2014 Ghetto Fighters’ House will hold a ceremony to mark International Holocaust Day. During the ceremony, which will be dedicated to the Jews of Holland.  Beit Joles will donate the last letter written by a Jew in the Westerbork camp on the day before his deportation to Auschwitz to the archives. After it was translated into Hebrew and research was conducted, the writer was identified as Joachim Sanders, Jansje’s cousin on her mother’s side.  Read more >>



Innovative additions to the renovated
"Jews of Holland during the Holocaust" exhibition 

 This year, Ghetto Fighters’ House is holding an event devoted to civilian bravery and cultural creativity in occupied Holland and in the Westebork camp. Writing and creativity were means used by individuals to oppose evil and to fight against Nazism and all it represented. The event will take place in the presence and under the auspices of His Excellence, Casper Veldkamp, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Israel. A performance of “Serenade to Westebork” by composer and lyricist Koby Luria will be presented. The program deals with culture, creativity and humor in extreme circumstances. Read more >>

Ghetto Fighters' House in the news

The youngest survivors of the Holocaust:
Interview with JN1 reporter Ron Jacobsohn on the new exhibition Here Began My Childhood  click here  





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